Safe Conversations® Training Level One: Immersion


Level One Immersion is for those who want to fully understand and utilize the skills of Safe Conversations in their day-to-day lives. It will introduce you to the foundational elements and relevant concepts behind Safe Conversations, our unique approach, and how to implement the practice into every aspect of your life. Level One also serves as the prerequisite step to Level Two, Dialogue Facilitator, and Level Three, Workshop Facilitator.



This Immersive course takes approximately 32 hours and is composed of 12 lessons, combining access to our on-demand online learning management system, our email-based 30 Day Zero-Negativity Challenge, and weekly mentoring led by a Safe Conversations Senior Facilitator.

There are no quizzes or grading or assignments to turn in. Instead, you will be provided with the course materials to review and complete at your own pace.


  • Attendance to a live or on-demand workshop. If you have yet to do so, please contact [email protected] after purchase, and a complimentary code will be provided for you.

Upon Graduation:

  • Receive Safe Conversations Certificate of Completion
  • Exit Interview with Onboarding Mentor
  • Access to Level Two – Dialogue Facilitator


Level One FAQs:

  1. What is the time commitment for Level One?

You may proceed through the Level One material at your own pace, beginning as soon as you sign up. There is about 32 hours’ worth of material altogether, of which 26 hours are on-demand learning modules, and 6 hours are scheduled for live, online meetings (Zoom) with Senior Mentors via 4 cohort meetings lasting 1.5 hours each.

Your cohort meetings will begin in January. Meeting dates and times are being formulated now and will be sent to you at the email address you sign up with, as soon as we arrive at the final calendar of events.

  1. What comes next after completing Level One?

That is totally up to you and what you need from the course!

Level One is designed as either a personal immersion into the Safe Conversation principles for your own private use, or it may serve as your prerequisite course on the way to achieving Level Three: Workshop Facilitator status – it’s your choice.  If you decide to go on to Level Two: Dialogue Facilitator (slated for release in Q1 of 2022) your Level One: Immersion training will qualify you for entry.

  1. What is the Zero Negativity Challenge, and how is it delivered?

The 30 Day Zero Negativity Challenge is a series of content-rich emails, delivered to your inbox daily for 30 days, to help you stay informed and focused on the key Safe Conversations principle of Zero Negativity.

The 30 Day Zero Negativity Challenge is a special bonus offered to you free of charge for signing up for Level One: Immersion today. Normally, the 30 Day Zero Negativity Challenge is sold on our website for $39.95 and has been super popular with our SC community because it gives you insights, tips, and suggestions for implementing the Zero Negativity mindset in your daily life. It also includes a ton of fundamental knowledge about what Safe Conversations is and why it can make such a difference in your life. Enjoy!

  1. May I buy more than Level One: Immersion at this time?

Yes, you may take advantage of this great savings on Level One: Immersion now, AND you may bundle it with Level Two: Dialogue Facilitator, which will be coming out in Q1 of 2022. If you have a training budget or other criteria for purchasing both at once, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Due to the advanced nature of Level Three: Workshop Facilitator and the fact that an application is required for that level, we can only offer bundled pricing for Levels One and Two.

Please inquire with our Customer Experience Staff at [email protected] for additional information about pricing on Level Three: Workshop Facilitator and Level Four: Senior Trainer.