Safe Conversations® Training Level Two: Dialogue Facilitator


Level Two: Dialogue Facilitator is the next step in your Safe Conversations Trainer Journey towards becoming a Safe Conversations practice coach. Level Two will be a combination of on-demand learning and cohort learning. You’ll be taught the intricacies of how to facilitate Safe Conversations between people who don’t know the SC dialogue and meet weekly for dialogue practice sessions. You’ll gain access to the Safe Conversations portal, including our directory, SC resources, and training materials.


  • 100% completion of the Level One Training Program. If you have yet to complete Level One, please contact [email protected]



In Level Two, you’ll learn how to fully incorporate Safe Conversations into your work and life, earning a certificate of Completion as a Safe Conversations Dialogue Facilitator. Level Two is a combination of on-demand leaning and cohort learning, through which you’ll discover how to facilitate the Safe Conversations dialogues between two or more people. This Immersive course takes approximately 16 hours and is composed of 12 lessons, combining access to our on-demand online learning management system, our expanded email-based 30 Day Zero-Negativity Challenge, and weekly mentoring led by a Safe Conversations Senior Facilitator.

There are no quizzes, grading, or assignments to turn in. Instead, you will be provided with the course materials to review and complete at your own pace.

You’ll gain access to our exclusive Safe Conversations Facilitator Portal, which includes the directory of Trained Safe conversations Facilitators, as well as many additional training and resource materials.

Level Two: What you need to know…

  • All Level One training modules must be marked “Complete” to view the Level Two landing page and/or material.
  • If you have completed all of Level One training, you will have immediate access to the landing page with learning documents and cohort registration links.
  • Access to Level Two training modules will not be available until the 12:00 AM CST on first day of the next calendar month.
  • Cohort attendance is mandatory to the earn certificate of completion. If you miss a cohort during your scheduled training month, you can attend a makeup cohort in a subsequent month.
  • Any questions please reach out to [email protected]

Upon Graduation:

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • Become a Safe Conversations Dialogue Facilitator
  • Exit Interview with Onboarding Mentor
  • Invitation to apply for Level Three – Workshop Facilitator