A Process Changing Relationships Around the World

Safe Conversations® empowers you
to talk without criticism,
listen without judgment,
and connect beyond differences.

Relationship skills can be taught.

It's not natural to slow down and take steps to understand another person. These skills can be taught, and we can train our brains to experience a sense of belonging like never before. Safe Conversations teaches you how.

Objection to difference is the source of conflict.

Top relationship experts Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., began by asking, "Why do couples fight?" What they discovered led them to develop a simple process of taking turns talking and listening in a structured way that creates safety in relationships. They found it works in ANY relationship, and they began teaching workshops to share the life-changing process.

Who is Safe Conversations For?


A joy-filled relationship is possible. Safe Conversations helps couples talk about difficult topics, embrace each other's differences, and connect like never before.


Parents and kids are often on different wavelengths, whether the kids are children or grown. Safe Conversations helps each side understand the other.


A positive work environment where coworkers respect each others is crucial. Safe Conversations boosts collaboration, morale, and therefore, the bottom line.

Experience It For Yourself

The best way to learn Safe Conversations is through a workshop.

What to Know About the Process

Backed by Science

Time-tested techniques informed by neuroscience and 40+ years of clinical therapy.

Structured for Safety

You're invited to take turns talking and listening. The power is in the fact that structure invites mutual respect and safety.

Creates Connection

When connecting happens, communicating is possible.

Practical Tools

We'll show you how to mirror, validate, and empathize in a way that empowers you in any situation.

For Any Age

Adults, teens, and kids can all use the process.

For Any Relationship

Romantic partners, parents/kids, friends, and colleagues have all experienced benefits.

Relationships are Better with Safe Conversations

Learn Safe Conversations