With Independence Day this weekend, many of us will be around family and friends celebrating (maybe for the first time in a while)! Along with the firecrackers, cookouts, and watermelon comes mixing and mingling with those around you…and many conversations.

For those who are extroverts, this is your time to shine. But for those of us who tend to be more introverted (any hands over here?), the anticipation of a night of conversation makes us a little nervous. 

What do I talk about with my parent’s neighbor’s friend whose name I can never remember? How do I keep things from getting too controversial? How do I ask questions that aren’t just going to result in a “yes” or “no” answer?

In the midst of those countless conversations you may have this weekend, we wanted to equip you with some simple, yet meaningful questions that will hopefully stir up some stimulating and thought-provoking conversations:

  1. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  2. Do you have any holiday traditions that you enjoy? What are they?
  3. With everything that has happened over the past year, what is the most valuable lesson you have learned?
  4. What is one thing that you would change about the world today?
  5. If you could have dinner with any 4 individuals, living or dead, who would you pick and why? (This is one of our favorites…you can really have fun getting to know someone better with how they answer)

Being a good listener and asking these questions may seem odd at first, but the more interest you show, the easier the conversation will flow. And who knows, your conversations may end up being even more exciting than the fireworks! 

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