Become a Safe Conversations® Trained Leader

What Opportunities are Available?

Be a Dialogue Facilitator

Offer personalized support for those practicing the dialogue skills. Facilitators offer support during workshops and/or during Dialogue Practice sessions.

Host Your Own Workshops

Trained Leaders facilitate workshops online or in-person. They choose the location, market to their groups, and host the event. 

Incorporate in Your Practice

Many counselors and therapists incorporate Safe Conversations into their clinical practice. Trained Leaders receive the certification to use the process professionally.

What do Trained Leaders Get?

Certification to Use SC Professionally

Only Trained Leaders can offer coaching, workshops, or use the process in their private practice.

Direct Access to the Creators

Drs. Harville Hendirx and Helen LaKelly Hunt offer webinars and events specifically to support Trained Leaders.

Leaders-Only Perks

Leaders gain membership in online forums and SC Leader events in your geographic area.

Become a Safe Conversations Trained Leader

Training Program Requirements

 Before you may promote or present Your Workshop(s), you will need to successfully complete the Program, which includes all of the training and other requirements listed below. Thereafter, to remain qualified to promote or present Your Workshop(s), you must complete any continuing education or additional certification requirements that we may specify from time to time (collectively, “Qualification Requirements”):

• Attend a full-length Safe Conversations® workshop, taught by Helen LaKelly Hunt and/or Harville Hendrix, or a qualified Safe Conversations® Trainer/Facilitator or in such other format as specified in your Program Prework.

• Submit required Leader Training Pre-work as specified upon registration for Safe Conversations Leader Training.

• Attend a 2-day Leader Training workshop, taught by Helen LaKelly Hunt and/or Harville Hendrix, or a qualified Safe Conversations® Master Trainer.

• Attend interactive online advanced training modules (Accelerator A&B) and at least one scheduled, live Q&A with Helen LaKelly Hunt, Harville Hendrix or a qualified Safe Conversations Master Leader, geographic Safe Conversations Chapter Leader or Ecosystem Expert.

• Present a qualifying Safe Conversations® workshop (as stipulated during training), within 3 months of the Leader Training program (unless extension is granted in writing).

• Submit a Safe Conversations Peer Evaluation form, completed by an objective Peer Evaluator, within 2 weeks of the workshop.

You will be provided with a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of all of the above requirements, which completion shall all be at your own expense, it being acknowledged that certain Program activities may require payment of additional fees.