Bring Safe Conversations® to Your World

Safe Conversations Leader Training is a three-level certification process that equips you to model, facilitate and offer workshops in the communities that matter to you. Only you know the special needs, issues and hot buttons that impact connectedness around you. Becoming a Safe Conversations certified leader gives you the tools, resources and confidence to meet these needs, and act to sustain them over time.

Who is Leader Training for?

Educators, coaches, counselors. Team leaders, project managers, worship guides. Parents, volunteers, organizers. Anyone with a constituency or a vision to make their world more connected, one conversation at a time.

How does Leader Training work?

Because becoming a Safe Conversations certified leader starts with you, our emphasis is on immersive study and practice to build a foundation on which you will build your leadership. Learning is virtual and self-paced. The intensive content modules feature Safe Conversations founders, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, as they go deep into theory, story and illustration. Learning is accompanied by live cohort meetings where you’ll practice the Safe Conversations processes with peers in training.

2024 Leader Training Cohorts

 * Level One:   March 1-31

* Level Two:   May 1 - 31

          * Level Three: July 1 - Aug 24

* Level One:    April 1-30

* Level Two:    June 1-30

     * Level Three: Aug 1-Sept 31

About the Three Level Training

Level One: Immersion

Level One is an intensive prerequisite for training that is focused on you and your own personal practice. Level One consists of 32 hours of learning with weekly, 90-minute cohort meetings for practice and engagement. Level One is led by Safe Conversations Senior Trainers and Mentors, and is designed to build the confidence and commitment to a new way of being in relationships. What we know is that in order to lead Safe Conversations, you have to be it in your own life. Level One is a personally transformative experience.

Level Two: Safe Conversations Process Facilitator

Level Two builds the facilitative skillset that allows you to bring Safe Conversations to life in every relationship, in every setting by leading people in the use of the tools. Level Two consists of 16 hours of learning with weekly, 2-hour cohort meeting during which you will hone your facilitative skills in live practice sessions. Led by teams of Safe Conversations Trainer Mentors, Level Two provides the model for embedding and sustain Safe Conversations in any environment.

Level Three: Safe Conversations Workshop Leader

Level Three equips you to teach Safe Conversations workshops in your community, using proprietary Safe Conversations® materials, video assets and presentations. You will be trained to mold the Safe Conversations workshop to specific needs and issues, and provided with pre- and post-workshop assessments to ensure longterm success. Learning takes place predominantly through practice and peer feedback in four 4-hour Cohort meetings, during which you will present and perfect every segment of a standard Safe Conversations workshop. In addition to workshop content, you will learn innovative training skills, how to market your workshop, using technology and how to assess results.

The Investment you’ll make and why it’s important

Becoming a Safe Conversations certified leader gives you the tools and resources to bring Safe Conversations where you see the greatest opportunity. Your vision may be in the non-profit space, it may become part of your professional portfolio. Or you may use your training to be an ambassador for change in a world that needs connection now more than ever. Safe Conversations leadership is a capability that will change your life and the lives of the people you care about.

Safe Conversations Dialogue Facilitator

If your goal is to model and guide others in the Safe Conversations Processes, register to become a Safe Conversations Facilitator. Attend Level One and Level Two


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Safe Conversations Workshop Leader

If your goal is to model, guide and teach others to learn Safe Conversations, register to become a Safe Conversations Workshop Leader. Attend Level One, Level Two and Level Three


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“I facilitate Safe Conversations Dialogue as part of our Bridging Leadership process, especially with young leaders to help strengthen their voices. Facilitating Safe Conversations is a light touch way of changing lives through meaningful dialogues."

Michele Ogawa
Johannesburg, South Africa


"Becoming Safe Conversations Leaders has been transformational. In our own lives it’s helped us learn how to talk about whatever we’re going through in a safe and healing way –  not only in our marriage but in all our relationships. This life-changing discovery has inspired us to share it with anyone and everyone we can. ”

Sonja and Clay Arnold

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