- Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Founders, Safe Conversations, LLC ®

Safe Conversations is a new way of being in relationship. We teach you how to talk without criticism, listen without judgement. It is a pathway to connect even beyond difference.

Everyone in the world yearns for connection. Safe Conversations is a platform for reaching each other. Learn the skills. Change your relationships.

Experience Safe Conversations in a Live-Online Workshop

Safe Conversations: A Life Skills Workshop

Get the skills to build connection in all your relationships. Learn a practice of Zero Negativity and Affirmations, and get two time-tested dialogues that will change your life. A 4-hour practical workshop for family members, friends, couples, colleagues. Come on your own or with a partner.

The Safe Conversations Organizational Workshop

Build a skillset for collaboration, creativity and team connection at work. Learn how to shift your organization’s culture away from toxic behaviors, create a pathway to organizational success with dialogue and affirmations
A 4-hour application-based workshop for professionals and organizations of all kinds. Come on your own or with colleagues.

Safe Conversations Skills in Practice

Structured sessions for delving deeper into the Safe Conversations processes. Choose from one of four 90-minute practice sessions, each focusing on a different Safe Conversations diologue. Come on your own or with a partner.
Prerequisite: Safe Conversations: A Life Skills Workshop, Safe Conversations Organizational Workshop, On Demand with Harville and Helen, Tool Box for Couples

Safe Conversations in Groups 

Learn a structured process for creating connection in a team or group setting
90-minute application-based workshop.
Prerequisite: Safe Conversations: A Life Skills Workshop, Safe Conversations Organizational Workshop

Experience Safe Conversations On Demand

Safe Conversations Essentials

Get a high-level overview of the principles and ideas of Safe Conversations. Includes simple tips and exercises. A perfect primer before attending a Safe Conversations workshop
six 10-minute on-demand modules and short practice guide

Safe Conversations: Up Close and Personal with Harville and Helen

Learn Safe Conversations on your own time with founders, Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt. Features an all-new dialogue exercise for exploring past challenges and the needs they create in current relationships.
Coming Soon

The Tool Box for Couples

Take a relationship journey with your partner in life with this weekly deep dive into creating the connection of your dreams.
A 6 week program consisting of 1-hour learning modules, exercises and at-home assignments

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