“Empathy represents the foundation skill for all the social competencies that are important for work.”
-Daniel Goleman, New York Times Bestselling Author of Emotional Intelligence

Businesses are built on relationships. Relationships are built on conversations.

Every conversation in the workplace carries either a positive or negative charge that affects the organizational culture accordingly. Too many negatively charged conversations can lead to:

  • Lowered staff/employee morale
  • Less creativity in problem-solving issues
  • Meetings-after-the-meetings that undermine organizational goals
  • Misunderstandings between supervisors and staff, lack of clarity, failure to accurately understand direction, resistance to change, avoidance of challenging situations

These and nearly all other issues trace back to one thing: Workplace conversations that lack empathy!

Colleagues, employees, and leaders all are humans first, and humans need to feel seen, heard, and valued whether they’re at work or at home.

In any business, understanding and managing risk is a top priority. In your organization, managing risks to the bottom line caused by low morale, high turnover, and flagging productivity must be your priority. Become an organization empowered by empathy! Learn and practice Safe Conversations to build a culture of empathy, compassion, and mutual respect where every member of your team/organization feels their best and does their best.

Safe Conversations is a structured, three-step approach that builds empathy into every conversation. It’s based on cutting-edge neuroscience, established psychological principles, and good, old-fashioned common sense.

In your upcoming workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Talk with, not just to, your colleagues and clients, without ever sounding critical.
  • Listen with curiosity to understand each other, not just for when it’s your turn to talk.
  • Connect at the human level, with empathy; let people know you value them as a person as much as a client or a colleague.

Relationships are the most valuable investments you’ll make in your career and in life. Protect those investments from the beginning by learning to have Safe Conversations that build trust, connection, and loyalty with your clients, colleagues, and community.

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