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Director of Product Development

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The Director of Product Development is responsible for executing the product vision, strategy, and experience from end-to-end. This role is the in charge of all product management and development and responsible for leading the product and development teams. With collaborative support from leadership, the DPD will drive and oversee product ownership, management, implementation, and customer experience - improving upon products that reflect the mission and core value of Safe Conversations’ product offering. These products will include (but are not limited to): digital products, web-based training, in-person training, curriculum, video production, app development, physical printed and book development. Through exceptional leadership, commitment to providing guidance, supportive processes, and creative input, the DPD will drive and empower the product and development teams to constantly learn, grow, and deliver truly great products to our customers.

Some Responsibilities Include:

  • Managing outside vendors. Trainers, and internal team members in order to create and market products
  • Lead cross-functional alignment to deliver products that help brand create customers for life
  • Drive strategy to enable product cross-sell across our enterprise customer base and support net revenue retention targets
  • Obtain feedback from customer success and sales to ensure products are meeting customer and market needs
  • Participate in agile product development process for roadmap implementation, writing product requirements, user stories, and maintaining the product backlog of priorities in close collaboration with Marketing
  • Launch new capabilities by collaborating with Founders, Management, Trainers, Customer Success, Marketing and on go-to-market and lifecycle marketing strategies
  • Lead, facilitate and advocate for the strategic business direction of innovative enhancements to our products that deliver automation and sustainable value to both customers and the business through strategic business thinking and partnerships internally and externally
  • Responsible for managing, driving, and providing direction to the product, curriculum, and development teams to ensure their success and professional and personal development
  • Translate the product strategy vision into action by executing on business case development, competitive analysis, product-market fit, and product differentiation
  • Further develop, enhance, and mature the current product management process
  • Balance the needs and goals of both the product and business through the stages of developing next-generation product enhancements through full customer adoption
  • As a hands-on leader within a growing organization, support execution items whenever needed (i.e., documenting new features, designing wireframes and business rules)
  • Transparently, proactively, and clearly communicate with internal and external parties, customers, and Trainers, ensuring priorities and options are understood. Aggressively communicate to CEO, CMO and Founders on status and success of products
  • Uses a team approach to solve problems with peers and leverage networks to gain market insight and access
  • Balance short term customer requests with long term strategic priorities
  • Other duties as assigned

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • 6+ years of product development and strategic business experience
  • 2+ years of direct people management experience in a product management organization
  • Insatiable drive to make products better for customers and the business
  • Practical decision-maker striking a balance between innovation and practicality
  • Skilled leadership and management competencies, ability to motivate, drive and grow product and development teams
  • Inspire and clearly communicate the company’s vision for a product’s outcome to drive a variety of functional areas toward a common goal in an effective and productive manner (software engineering, graphic design, marketing, sales, etc.).
  • Strong communication skills, ability to explain the road map and vision, and ability to be diplomatic and respectful of other’s opinions and insights
  • Evaluate the market and identify profit opportunities. Product evangelist and visionary, capable of spotting trends and setting goals for years ahead. Look across different industries to see the big picture, analyze large volumes of information to spot trends, and offer new approaches to old problems.
  • Ability to communicate complex technical issues simply and convincingly to a wide range of audiences, adept at working through ideas and problems with development and product teams in an Agile environment.
  • Requires a deep understanding of users and their requirements, the ability to see the big picture, and passion for delivering innovative solutions
  • Demonstrative metrics-driven mindset, using and generating thoughtful data analysis to inform decisions that balance the needs of customers, using data to validate those decisions.
  • Empathy – Ability to step into the shoes of the customer to understand how they feel when they use the product

Director of Customer Experience

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The Customer Experience Director is responsible for identifying and developing all culture, process and performance improvements and efficiencies for the customer and for leading/developing a team who typically delivers customer interactions across multiple channels, including but not limited to customer support requests via unified communications, e-mail, web based support tickets, live chat, social media, and any other digital correspondence. The Director is also responsible for directing employees engaged in accepting and receiving inquiries and calls, evaluating, investigating, and settling claims and complaints of customers. Safe Conversations customers include online and offline customers, Trainers, and individuals entering the Training system.

The Director assists the senior management team in continually planning, formulating, and developing customer service policies and procedures. Directing and coordinating in the customer service activities and customer satisfaction ratings of the organization is the Director's main responsibility.


  • Drafts, implements, and executes policies and procedures to facilitate a quality customer service experience
  • Establishes performance metrics for customer service representatives
  • Establishes service levels and requirements for the department
  • Develops and implements onboarding process for Customers, Trainers, and Mentors within our ecosystem
  • Develops and implements methods to record, assess, and analyze customer feedback
  • Develops and implements training and quality assurance programs for new hires and experienced employees
  • Identifies and recommends or acquires updates and expansions to technology, equipment, and policies that may improve customer service and retention
  • Acts as a liaison between the customer service department and other divisions in the company
  • Performs other related duties as assigned

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong supervisory and leadership skills

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelors degree preferred
  • At least five years of related experience required, with prior management experience highly preferred.

Director of Enterprise Sales

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Job Purpose:

The Director of Sales is responsible for managing all sales operations for Safe Conversations LLC. Duties include drafting sales reports, meeting sales targets, and estimating sales profit for products.

 Job Duties:

  • Develop key relationships with institutional and business clients
  • Create and maintain a pipeline full of sales
  • Work with the Product Team to enhance current offerings according to feedback from clients
  • Develop a system to hire, train, and manage Sales Associates
  • Assist in the development of the sales plan. Prepare forecasts and KPI reporting for the sales leaders, CGO, and upper management, for use in organizational planning, financial forecasting, budget setting and strategic planning
  • Work collaboratively across teams - including Trainers, Product and Marketing
  • Establish the inbound lead requirements needed to meet sales objectives
  • Provide full visibility into the sales pipeline at every stage of development
  • Establish and foster partnerships and relationships with key customers both externally and internally


Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Business or a Related Field


Social Media

Strong written and verbal communication

Interpersonal Communication

Customer Service

Client Relationships


Curriculum Developer / LMS Designer

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