Take some time to breathe deeply and give each other eye contact.

First, relax into 2-3 deep breaths. People wonder why it’s important, and they feel like they don’t have time. The space between two people is an energy field, and something is catalyzed when two people turn and look at each other.

And why eye contact? When you’re talking to someone, and their eye pupils are open, you’re more likely to relax. When their pupils are narrowed, they seem more upset, and it affects your connection.

Shift from a glare to a gaze. Most of us don’t realize that in this stressful world where people are multitasking or grieving, we send a message to the person next to us by the look in our eye. The way you look at someone or someone looks at you can determine how the conversation goes.

Before going to bed at night, it’s good for couples or families to breathe together and let their eyes relax and look at each other with empathy and caring. The goal is connection, and this will help.