We’ve spent the last couple of weeks talking about some of the “scariest” things about relationships:

  1. The Money Monster
  2. The Ghosts of Intimacy
  3. Mummy’s Side of the Family
  4. Bone-Chilling Chores

While it can sometimes seem like you are the only ones bickering about these topics, turns out most couples argue about one (or more) of these spooky scenarios in their relationship. 

At Safe Conversations, we want to empower you to embrace your partner’s differences and approach conflict with a desire for a strengthened relationship and increased connection.

Remember: Conflict is inevitable – how you deal with it changes everything.

Our hope is that no matter what you encounter on the spectrum of spooky relationship monsters, that Safe Conversations can give you the tools to leave those monsters in the dust and to take steps forward to a more robust relationship. 

After all, your relationship should be fewer tricks and more treats!

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