It is November which means we are officially entering into the holiday season! 

This time of the year is usually filled with fun holiday traditions and lots of time spent with family and friends. While it’s great to see people that you haven’t seen much throughout the year, sometimes the conversations around the dining room table can be anything but stress-free.

Whether it’s Uncle Bill’s outlandish table topics, your siblings gifting over-the-top gifts, or your friends’ expectations of you making an appearance at every social event of the season, this time of year is often not quite so merry and bright. 

Surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) the holidays very quickly turn into the holler-days for many of us.

Instead of the picturesque singing of Christmas carols together around the piano, we find ourselves locking ourselves in the bathroom for a moment’s peace so we don’t shove the pumpkin pie in our mother-in-law’s face.

In fact, according to StudyFinds, “In all, 77% of respondents say they have a very hard time relaxing during the holidays, and usually end up feeling more stressed and worn down than ever.”

Over the upcoming weeks, we will be talking through the various challenges that many of us face during the “holler-days:” Expectations, Differing Traditions, Money, and Social Burnout to name a few.

While we can’t eradicate the stressful conversations and situations you find yourself in during the holiday season, at Safe Conversations, we can help equip you with tools for tackling these challenges and not allowing them to rob you of the joy this time of year brings!

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